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29025.000 C/B Pennant Cable


29025.000 C/B Pennant Cable


29025.000 C/B Pennant Cable


Directions for C/B Pennant Cable Installation

  1. Install the centerboard pennant cable inside and through the spindle wall in the winch assembly so that the swaged ball and end of the pennant cable is captured inside the spindle cylinder.
  2. Feed the centerboard pennant cable down through the hole in the top of the centerboard trunk cap, along the side of the centerboard, and next to the aft end of the centerboard.
  3. Tightly loop the pennant cable end twice through the hole in the trailing edge of the centerboard.  
  4. Slide the pennant cable end into and through the included compression sleeve so that at least 1/2" of the pennant cable sticks out past the compression sleeve end.  
  5. Squeeze and compress the fitting securely with a Nicro Press tool or a pair of Vise Grip pliers. 
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