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Courageous Sailing Center’s Rhodes 19 Frostbiting Fleet is Under Sail in Boston Harbor

Courageous Sailing Center’s Rhodes 19 Frostbiting Fleet is Under Sail in Boston Harbor

Owner Comments

New Boat / Rhodes 19 - It was good to talk with you after so many years.  I love the boat and it looks as good as when you built it.  Thanks, Tom M, Illinois 

New Boat / Rhodes 19 - I really have to applaud you for your constant extension of services for the boat owners.  You offer a fine package.  Best of luck with the program. 

What I want to mention, however, is how pleased we were with our Rhodes 19 in a race over Labor Day weekend.  The wind on Great South Bay was gusting from the east up to 25 MPH, but somehow the fleet was convinced that we could make it across the bay for lunch, and back. 

We had four people in the boat, and set out early.  Of the 10-12 boats that started out, only four made it back without capsizing, breaking spreaders, losing masts, etc.  We did it!  The boat handled beautifully. 

We still have bruises to show for it, but all ended well.  On the GPS, we registered 7.7 knots!  Good stuff. 

Keep up the good work.  Best, Clark J, New York

New Boat / Rhodes 19 - We just want to take a moment to thank you and your staff at Stuart Marine for making our trip to Maine such a wonderful success.  Your professional workmanship and good suggestions on preparing and updating our Rhodes 19 was very much appreciated.  May I say since we first got together in 1993, it has always been a pleasure working with you good people.  Good health and success to you all, Catharine and Ralph B, Connecticut

Parts / Mariner - Thanks again for the great tour of the workshop last Saturday morning. We're now on our way home to our Mariner. Wishing you a good year, Lynne & Mark F, Pennsylvania

Parts / Mariner - I want to tell you that the new sails & roller furling jib are great.  I can't believe I waited that long to upgrade!  Thanks very much for all your help & advice on the installation.  It was very difficult for me to visualize it before I actually installed it, so your help was much appreciated.  Works perfectly & makes sailing a lot more comfortable.  David W, Maryland

New Boat / Stuart 9 - Just wanted to tell you how pleased Pat and I are with the boat. The lettering on the transom is perfect and the design etc is quite nice. We sent pictures of the boat to our granddaughter, who is 2,and she’s excited about riding in the "Merrilee". We are happy with the boat and thank you! David & Pat L, Maine

New Boat / Mariner - Just wanted to let you know that I took the Mariner out for her maiden voyage yesterday morning - solo. What a hoot! Felt like I was ten years old. There was light to moderate wind, picking up as the day warmed. Got a little healed over - that validated the concept of the self-bailing cockpit to the tune of a little lake water - that got my attention. Consequently, I have some sail handling review to do before my wife will release the kids to my care. However, I get the impression that she'll forgive a lot of mistakes. Thanks, Andy I, Texas

New Boat / Rhodes 19 - Hope all is well. Absolutely love my Rhodes 19 after a full season sailing her. Always happy to provide a reference.Best regards, Bill A, Minnesota

Repair / Rhodes 19 - The 30 year old Rhodes 19 that you reconditioned for me last summer and fall is at its mooring and is admired by all. It's the only Rhodes 19 in the Portland Yacht Club anchorage, for that matter in the entire Falmouth anchorage, so she often draws pleasant comments from launch operators and skippers with much bigger boats. Thank you for your care in advising me last year and thanks to all at Stuart Marine for the careful workmanship. Best wishes, Bill H, Maine

Parts / Mariner - With the 2008 season starting to wind down a bit (I probably won't take my Mariner out of the water until the end of November), I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I couldn't have had such a great year of sailing without your merchandise and your helpful advice. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all you do for us Mariner owners. Nathan B, Connecticut

Repair / Mariner - Just FYI, having a lot of fun with the Mariner. Sails like a champ...You did make my boat look new again! We are having so much fun on it.  Thanks! Peter A, Massachusetts

New Boat / Mariner - Please first let me tell you we love our Mariner. I have been boating in Buzzards bay for over 50 years and have never felt safer. The boat is solid. Thank you, Bruce & MaryAnn B, Massachusetts

Parts / Mariner - Just a quick note to let you know I received the rub rail…and as usual, everything is perfect. It is a pleasure to buy product from you. I run the parts warehouses for Coachmen RV and I know the difficulties in getting customers the parts they need, when they want them. You’re a first class act. Respectfully, Al N, Indiana

Parts / Rhodes 19 - Thanks. As always you folks are a big help, and thank you for being there. Tim B, Tennessee

Parts / Mariner - Thank you for helping me out of my jam yesterday! I was able to get the trailer on the road and the boat in the water. Should be sailing soon. Jeff A, Massachusetts

New Boat / Mariner - It is sad to see this beautiful sailboat sitting in the backyard. It should be in the water. It sails beautifully. You and your employees do an outstanding job building these superb sailboats. Everything on it is first class. And it is such a joy to sail! Jerry B, Florida

New Boat / Rhodes 19 - A short note to say thank you for making the purchase of a new Rhodes 19 a very pleasant experience, and a special thanks to your builders for getting things done right and on schedule.  

The boat is a beauty! I suppose because I’m a sailing neophyte and the boat is so impressive, that the most common question I get is, “How did you find this boat?” It’s as if years of sailing experience are necessary in order to identify the perfect boat. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I like to think the Rhodes continuing popularity over time speaks for itself.  
Anyway, the boat was well received by all, and we had a wonderful time sailing. The weather was perfect with sunny periods, and a good breeze. But I must say that sailing in the North Channel of Lake Huron keeps one on his toes. The wind is constantly changing direction and velocity as it winds its way around
and through the many islands and channels. Perfect! Ed I, Michigan
Parts / Mariner - Thanks for the quick service. I received the package today and will be set to launch on Saturday. Thanks again, Eric H, New Hampshire 

Parts / Mariner - Thanks for keeping the Mariner line alive! I will place an order for some parts as soon as the funds become available. I will gladly pay the new price and do so gratefully so as to support, maintain and encourage the dream for all sailors! Hang in there, we're getting screwed right now but it won't last forever. If you ever wind up in South Carolina, please drop by. Douglas B, South Carolina

New Boat / Prospect - Thank you for your follow-up after the Annapolis Boat Show. It is indeed organizations like yours that stand out in these trying financial times in our country.  I'm old enough to remember a quite similar time in the "30's. Those companies that showed their integrity by maintaining relationships with their customers, or those that potentially might come on board, were, and still are the true survivors today.  We cheer you on!  David M, Virginia

New Boat / Rhodes 19 - We have a very active Rhodes group at the Newport Navy Base.  I have been
really enjoying racing the Rhodes 19s since 2001.    (On our last outing) the wind was blowing 18 knots from the northwest with gusts to 23.  All the boats performed perfectly with no mishaps.  Tom G, Rhode Island

Parts / Mariner - Good to meet you and see your fine operation.  The boom tent is a very high quality product that will add years to my Rhodes's life.  George B, Maine 

Repair / Mariner -  Hope you are well.  It appears your quality and line of boats are still in demand.  You manufacture boats that families can afford, can all enjoy because of large cockpits, and allow for weekend overnights which is all most boat owners do anyway; plus a keel for the ocean and a C/B for lakes versatility. I see Rhodes 19 and Mariners sailing in Salem Bay with all the 37  footers and  think how much they are enjoying themselves for a fraction of the cost of owning those big boats.  Keep up the good work.  I am proud of your accomplishments, judgment and service. Brad W, New Hampshire

Used Boat / Mariner - The Mariner is a beautiful boat.  I have been over all of the contents and it seems to be beautifully set up and prepared.  Thanks for your efforts and the obvious pride and workmanship of you and your team.  Your driver, John, was very courteous and helpful and we got the boat on her way to Vineyard Haven in a surprisingly short time. Thanks again to you and your team for your efforts.  Edward C., Massachusetts

New Boat / Mariner - Had a great sailing weekend out of Cohasset Harbor! Yesterday with my Dad, 80-somethng, and two sons, 12 and 16 - - steady ten knots.  Today, with my sister and brother in-law - - steady 18 knots, gusting to 23 - - sailing on just the main.  I was surprised at how well the Mariner handled in the big breeze. Proper crew position was key.  Jeff A., Massachusetts

Have had some great fall sails.  Out with my Dad on Sunday in three foot waves; no problem.  A couple of weeks ago I went out solo gusting to 25 and the Mariner handled extremely well.  Jeff A., Massachusetts

Parts / Mariner - I have a Mariner and would be hard pressed to sell.  This boat is amazing.  Never have I felt more at home on the water.  Brian P., New York

Repair / Rhodes 19 - The 30 year old Rhodes 19 that you reconditioned for me last summer and  fall is at its mooring and is admired by all. It's the only Rhodes in the Portland Yacht Club anchorage, for that matter in the entire Falmouth anchorage, so often draws pleasant comments from launch operators and  skippers with much bigger boats.  Thank you for your care in advising me last year and thanks to all at Stuart Marine for careful workmanship.  Bill H., Maine

Parts / Rhodes 19 - Thanks for keeping me in the loop about R-19 progress. Keep it up!  The Rhodes 19 has to be a forever classic!!! Those in the sailing public that have not experience the excellence of Rhodes19 sailing are missing so much.  Speaking of such classics, we are in the process of making ready for use the second to the last Rhodes 19 of all the ones that were damaged by the tornado that struck our training center, Mothers Day a year ago.  We have slowly rebuilt/repaired 6 of our training boats.  Joe J., Georgia

Broker / Mariner -  I sold my Mariner to Melanie M.  Her dad told me she had been looking for a Mariner for the last seven years during which time she had three boys.  She lives in E. Longmeadow, MA, and will be sailing at a nearby reservoir. 

I want to thank you for many things:  for making this the most stable and easy to sail boat and best I have ever owned (and I have had about five small boats starting with a Comet in 1949), for helping me out when I called with questions, and for the parts (spreader, inspection port, sail clips) you provided when I needed them. 

I will miss sailing.  At my age boating will now be done on a pontoon boat.  But I will surely miss clipping along in my "Ducky III".  Best Regards, Dick F.. Massachusetts

Parts / Mariner - I absolutely love your low key but very smartly "written in the interest of getting more business" letter.  Though I have not had to order much from you over the years, your continued support for all Mariners is appreciated.  I always encourage going to you first for parts when asked from anyone here in the Great Lakes area.  Continued business sucess to you and your staff.  Steve C. - Cool Breeze #560.  1966 O'day Mariner.

New Boat / Rhodes 19 - I want to thank you for the emails that you sent out at the time that Hurricane Irene was barreling down upon us.  It was reassuring to know that you were there and would be able to “fix” anything if something went wrong; that was a concern of mine.  Because of the layout of the boatyard that I deal with, they have room for only 11 masted sailboats, and mine wasn’t going to be one of them!  They were not prepared to dismast boats while in hurricane mode of operations.  Power lines prevented them from moving sailboats across the street to their parking lot.  Power boats were no problem.  So I had to defend Wind ‘n Go as best I could.  This is fishing country down here, with lots of small powerboats in our anchorage, and it was quite disconcerting to look out and just see our boat alone in the harbor!  While our anchorage is somewhat protected, it is still facing the Atlantic Ocean in one direction, so we take it on the chops.  It turned out that we were successful in hanging on, so I wanted to share with you a few things I did to accomplish this.  I also attached a couple of photos to show what I did.  While the National Weather Service downgraded Irene to a Tropical Storm as she reached us, the winds were still in the 60-70mph range.  The maximum winds occurred during the time of high tide, which presented some additional challenges.

First, I removed the jib.  But my main effort was to make sure the cockpit cover remained in place.  Anticipating a storm at some point, I had previously made two additional grommet holes on the leading edge of the cockpit cover, midway between the center and outboard corner.  I could then tie two lines from the cockpit cover to the mooring chock, and that successfully anchored the cockpit cover from the windward side.

Next, I had to make sure the stainless steel clips remained in place to hold down the cover.  To do this, I bought a 200 foot hank of plain old clothesline, and girdled the cockpit in five places, one of which was forward of the keel.  To do this, we cut sections of the line and snaked it under the boat and around to the top of the cover over the boom and mainsail, which I left in place.  I tied the two ends together somewhere near the top of the boom.  Next I strung a line on each side from a forward shroud back to the stern cleat, stringing and knotting it through each grommet hole where the clips were attached, and further knotting it to the nearest girdle.  When wet, there was absolutely no slippage of the clothesline.   This was successful in keeping the cockpit cover on during the storm.  I had thought of removing the mainsail, but I didn’t have anything handy to fill in the space taken up by the mainsail.  Without the mainsail in place, I felt there would be too much slack in the cover.  I will work on this before the next storm arrives.  We also secured the boom support paddle with the clothesline.

Another issue was the anchoring system.  Fortunately, I had replaced everything at the beginning of this season, so as long as my 150 pound mushroom didn’t drag, I was reasonably confident that Wind ‘n Go would hang on.  For extra insurance in this regard, I set out a large Danforth anchor attached to 70 feet of ¼ inch chain.  I attached the other end to 12 feet of 5/8 inch nylon line that I strung through the starboard chock and tied to the mast.  I was generous in the use of plastic cable ties to further hold things in their right place, e.g., a tie around the mast securing the top of the cover to the mast.

The town issued a mandatory evacuation order to us, and we left to stay with my son and his family in Massachusetts.  Neighbors who remained in the area and watched Wind ‘n Go during the storm said that she rode the waves very well – she even seemed to be enjoying the storm!  When we returned to our house and I went out to see her, everything was exactly as I had left it.

Again, thanks for your email – it was very reassuring.  Please feel free to share these ideas with anyone who inquires about “hanging on” in the future.  Likewise, if you have any additional ideas, please share!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.   Best wishes, Jack W., Connecticut

Parts & Services / Mariner -  Mariners are great!  I started with a Catalina 22 swing keel.  I singlehanded alot, let it go, and searched out the Mariner specifically because 2 other friends had them and we spent a lot of time sailing in shallow water on their boats.  My Mariner is a 1964; the open bulkhead cabin was nice for my son to play in when we sailed and he was little.  And when she wasn't sailed,  she was his "pirate ship" in the backyard.  I love the Mariner sailboat.  I've raced J22's, J24's, offshore bigger boats, all kinds of boats . . . and the Mariner is my favorite, hands down.  Amy, Texas

Russ L rebuilt his “new” 1968 Rhodes 19 into “Sail Again”

Russ L rebuilt his “new” 1968 Rhodes 19 into “Sail Again”

For over 25 years, Tom D has enjoyed daysailing his Rhodes 19 “Four Sail” on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

For over 25 years, Tom D has enjoyed daysailing his Rhodes 19 “Four Sail” on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Stan P’s early morning “sail” to the boat ramp to haul his Rhodes 19 after sailing for the 28th season near Alexandria, MN.

Stan P’s early morning “sail” to the boat ramp to haul his Rhodes 19 after sailing for the 28th season near Alexandria, MN.

Rhodes 19 beached at 4900 feet on Elk Lake, Oregon, while looking across to Mt. Batchelor

Rhodes 19 beached at 4900 feet on Elk Lake, Oregon, while looking across to Mt. Batchelor

Dramatic photo of Bill R’s Rhodes 19 #1093 sailing inside the Golden Gate Bridge on San Francisco Bay, California

Dramatic photo of Bill R’s Rhodes 19 #1093 sailing inside the Golden Gate Bridge on San Francisco Bay, California